Sometimes awful carpet stains come up easily and quickly—- if you know how.

At Evergreen, we’ve seen them all, big and small, ugly and funny, usually weeks or months after they set in your carpet. Evergreen uses a variety of tools and techniques for stain removal. We bat 0.399 on removal.

But suppose you knew exactly how to handle spills immediately, using compounds and techniques proven over time to work so well the stain seems to disappear.

You’re lucky because the modern carpet is designed to repel staining agents and may be treated for extra protection. It’s a lot like waterproofing a surface against penetrating liquid.

So— what to do and how.  If the spill has solids, fold a moistened paper towel, get under the solids and fold them into the towel as gently as you can. If the spill is viscous like gravy, use a fresh moistened towel to roll the goo onto the towel without pressing it into the carpet. If the spill is watery, spray your carpet cleaning solution completely on and around the spill and wait 30 seconds for the stain to lift. Then place two dry paper towels over the spill and gently knead the liquid mass into the paper towels. Use the flat of your fists between the knuckles to work the blotting back and forth. When the paper towels become soaked, remove and discard. Respray, lay down new towels, knead and blot. Repeat until nothing more appears stained or nothing more wets your fresh dry towels.

And—what not to do.  Don’t scrub the stain. That drives the stain into the carpet filaments. Don’t vacuum the stain, wet or dry, even though you may see a wet spot that’s unstained. Don’t drench the carpet in solution under the stain. It’s designed to lift the stain out, not soak it down and into the carpet. Don’t use household cleaners, abrasives, bleach, degreasers, alcohol, or solvents.

Wait 12 hours and vacuum the spot gently. If it feels and looks like the stain just disappeared—- congratulations!  If the area shows faint staining or the area feels stiff or matted, just call us to add our professional touch. We think you’ll be delighted.

What spotting solution to use? We only use the best and can recommend that product when we clean your carpet, or when you need a spotting assist. It may not surprise you but the best spotting solution changes often as new products come on the market and old favorites are surpassed. We try them all.

But wait— there’s more!  Suppose your stain is India ink, oil paints, paint remover, burning hot coal, bleach, or beet juice? No worries. We can discreetly replace a small section of your carpet—that does the trick.

May all your spills come up easily. Life happens. Let Evergreen help along the way.