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Cleaning Area Rugs

Summer is winding down and if you make spring cleaning a priority, then you must make fall cleaning a priority. During the summer we're putting cleaning area rugs at the bottom of our to-do list. Most of you are out there having too much fun! That is why we're here - make sure to contact Evergreen Carpet Care when its [...]

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Air Ducts Cleaning for Summer

Summer is here and you will want to make sure your air conditioning is running properly. Air ducts cleaning is super important to ensure you are not kicking up dust and pet fur throughout your house when turning your air conditioner on. Have you ever picked up one of your air vent covers and peaked down into your air ducts? [...]

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Area Rug Cleaning For A Fresh Summer

With summer right around the corner, your children and pets are going to be wanting to spend more time outside, the “in-and-out” game that us parents love oh so much will be in full swing. The kids will be going outside to play, coming back in the house to grab a toy, and then back outside again. With that comes [...]

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Air Ducts Cleaning This Spring

Indoor air quality should be a top priority in your home this time of year. With spring blossoming, allergies will begin to bother many. This is the ideal time of year to get your air ducts cleaned. When you turn your air conditioner on, the cold air will kick up a lot of dust and animal fur (if you own [...]

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Evergreen Attends Rug Cleaning Seminar

  From February 27-March 2 of this year, we were lucky enough to learn a lot on rug cleaning at the “Advanced Rug Washing & Oriental Rug ID” class held at the amazing facility of Dry Concepts in Davie, FL. This was the fourth class we attended that is put on by Rug Advocate - we have learned so much [...]

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24-Hour Emergency Water Damage Service

Bad weather can hit at some of the most inconvenient times, that is why we recognize the importance of having a 24-hour service to help you in times of need. The Reno/Tahoe area has seen an immense amount of precipitation this winter, which has led to flood damage in many homes and businesses. When a flood hits, you [...]

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