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Evergreen Carpet Care is Reno’s top carpet care company. Our team of local Reno cleaning professionals specializes in carpet cleaning & repair, cleaning area rugs, pet odor & stain removal, tile cleaning, grout cleaning, cleaning upholstery, and air duct cleaning. We also provide trusted, high-quality, and affordable carpet, tile, upholstery, and air duct cleaning.

For over 20 years, Evergreen Carpet Care has been providing our customers with exceptional cleaning services and carpet care. Our Reno location extends our outstanding carpet cleaning and carpet care services to more Northern Nevada residents.

Experience Carpet Care Team in Reno, NV

At Evergreen Carpet Care, all of our cleaning specialists serving Reno have extensive cleaning and carpet care experience. Our trusted and highly-skilled team performs every cleaning efficiently and effectively with excellent attention to detail. From routine carpet cleaning to extensive cleaning or renovation projects, we treat every customer with the highest standard of professionalism and care.

Our experienced carpet cleaners and staff are committed to making our customers feel confident that they are in the best hands while their carpets, air ducts, area rugs, tile and more are getting cleaned.

Our services

Carpet Cleaning & Repair

We utilize the most advanced carpet cleaning methods to make the carpet look fresh and clean in your Reno home.

Area Rugs

Our 6 step cleaning process completely removes dirt, dander, stains, and spots for our Reno customers’ area rugs. Our methods are so gentle that even delicate rugs are safe.

Pet Odor/Stain Elimination

We use cutting-edge cleaning methods to completely eliminate pet accident spots and odors in your Reno home.

Tile & Grout

We renew the look of our Reno customer’s flooring by using large truck-mounted equipment to deliver high-pressure steam cleaning.


Remove stains, dirt, and other debris from your upholstery with 100% natural services that are completely safe for your family in Reno.

Air Duct Cleaning

For Reno residents, remove the 40 pounds of dirt, dust, and allergens a standard six-room home collects in its air ducts each year.

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