Area rugs can really decorate any room in your house. They also come in many different styles, colors, patterns, sizes, and materials. Area rugs are made of many different fibers including wool, silk, cotton, nylon, or polyester. Area rugs are typically used to cover bare floor surfaces or to protect expensive carpets from foot traffic or daily wear and tear. Area rugs shouldn’t be left damp for an extended period of time since mildew can begin to grow on them quickly if not dried properly.

Area rug cleaning is something that needs to be done often to keep it looking great. Area rugs can become dirty quickly with spills, walking in dirt and dust. Area rugs should be rotated every 6 months when possible since this will help keep your carpet looking great in all areas of your house rather than having one spot that’s worn out from traffic or use. To prevent mildew growth make sure any wet area rugs are dried quickly and completely and vacuumed to remove any moisture. Area rugs should also be cleaned every 3 months for both indoor and outdoor use to keep dirt and mildew from building up. Area Rug cleaning specialists recommend using a professional rug shampooing company if you want your area rugs looking their best all year round.

You’ll be glad to learn Evergreen is the best area rug specialist in Northern Nevada (Reno, Sparks, & Tahoe).  When our technicians arrive, we will examine the rug carefully. Is it antique, what is the style of weave?  Is it in good repair?  Does it display on both sides?  Is there backing? Is it woven? How are the loom ends tied off if hand-woven? Is it colorfast?  Will it retain its shape if cleaned?

Next, we’ll apply a dry soil removal technique to lift and remove any soil, grit, dust, and organic matter on the surface or lodged in the rug fibers. Before any liquid is applied to clean your rug, we dye test the fabric to evaluate which cleaning technique is appropriate to conserve the rug colors. Now the rug is ready to be thoroughly cleaned. After cleaning, we extract all available moisture using a patented centrifugation process, inspect the cleaned rug carefully and apply for anti-soilage protection.

If you’ve lived with and enjoyed an area rug for some years, and then see it restored in full color and vibrant feel, the contrast is dramatic. You may wish you had found Evergreen years ago.