carpet cleaners in Tahoe

It seems as though winter won’t quit in our Reno-Tahoe community. Squaw has received 41 feet of snow since the beginning of the season! It’s a crazy winter to say the least. But that doesn’t mean you should wait until spring to get your carpets cleaned! If you’re looking for professional carpet cleaners in Tahoe, we’re here for you!

With all the dirt, snow and gunk being brought into your house this winter, waiting a few more months to get your carpets cleaned could end up damaging your carpets more in the long run. Carpet fibers can easily hide dirt, grime, pet hair, and pollutants. Areas that are heavily trafficked (entry ways) should have a professional carpet cleaning every 3-6 months!

We never want our customers to break the bank on carpet cleaning, thats why we make sure to work with you on specific areas of your home. We recommend getting your heavily trafficked areas as well as your area rugs cleaned right now, and then we can come back out at a later date for a full carpet cleaning of your whole home.

Getting your carpets and area rugs cleaned now will ensure that you and your family are not compacting more and more dirt and grime into your carpets. The longer you wait to get your carpets cleaned, the longer your carpet cleaning process will be. If you live in an area with a lot of snow, make sure to contact us when looking for carpet cleaners in Tahoe.

Our fabric and carpet protectant solution – fluorosolve – also help provide lasting cleanliness and protection for your carpets. Fluorosolve benefits include:

  • Cost Effective
  • Treatments cost 10% or less of replacement cost
  • Total Fiber Protection
  • Convenient and Quick Drying
  • Auto Interiors, Recreational Vehicles, Airplanes, Yachts, And Busy Commercial Locations

If you are noticing your carpets are piling up with dirt and grime this winter, don’t wait until spring to get your carpets cleaned! Remember, we will travel all the way around Tahoe to clean your home up in the mountains! Call us today to set up an appointment: Reno: (775) 825-7569 | Carson: (775) 882-3600 | Tahoe: (530) 550-9095