Your carpet was designed to look good and wear well for 15 years.  How come apartment managers only get 5 to 8 years out of their average carpet? And why do some carpets last 30 years or more?

The answer is simple if you ask yourself, “What really wears out a carpet ?“  Most owners upgrade or replace flooring when a room is redecorated, even if the carpet is usable.  Some carpets receive stains that set and mar the look where the stain can’t be ignored.  Finally, the owner gets tired of looking at their tired carpet.

But carpet is never cheap. If you buy at the low end the carpet falls apart very quickly. It develops bare spots in traffic areas. It begins to look scraggly.  The color fades unevenly or delaminates from the backing when small folds appear as waves in the tuft as you vacuum. Most owners replace low-end carpets within 3 to 5 years.

Expensive carpet is so well made it might even outlive you. The quality is just everywhere in the excellent carpet— the feel is plush, the tufting is so tight you can’t feel the backing through the filaments.  The fibers are manufactured to resist stains thoroughly, the colors stay lively and fresh. If you bought excellent carpet for 7 times the average carpet cost, and the carpet lasted 25 to 35 years, you actually got a steal because the true cost of a new carpet is in the labor to install it. You bought wisely and ducked 3 to 5 expensive installs.

If you bought the best, you want to care for it diligently. First you have it professionally cleaned seasonally or after entertaining a large group of friends or family. You vacuum high traffic areas daily and all carpeted surfaces weekly. You learn how to remove spills quickly and cleanly to prevent staining. You wear indoor shoes when you’re at home.

So what really destroys a carpet?  Dirt, grit, dust, insects, molds, and moisture.  These penetrate the fibers and the backing, discoloring the carpet, breaking down the filaments, and delaminating the backing. They cause the carpet to smell. The color looks dull and the owner will say, “Now my carpet can’t even get clean again. Why bother to vacuum ?”

And what maintains carpet for years?  Professional cleaning seasonally will remove organic contaminants and particles from even the densest carpeting. The Pro will show you how to bring up spills and stains the right way and furnish the spotting solutions that work beautifully. The Pro knows the best residential vacuums, the best source for quality carpet, and the high-quality goods that last for decades. The Pro can repair carpet expertly, and suggest installers who know best how to install, what pad thickness and quality you need.

Evergreen is our name, and it’s also our goal for all your carpets— ever fresh, ever clean, always looking new in color, feel and look. Enjoy!