cleaning area rugs

Summer is winding down and if you make spring cleaning a priority, then you must make fall cleaning a priority. During the summer we’re putting cleaning area rugs at the bottom of our to-do list. Most of you are out there having too much fun! That is why we’re here – make sure to contact Evergreen Carpet Care when its time for cleaning area rugs.

Cleaning area rugs properly takes more than just vacuuming it once a week. We have a 6-Step process that we specialize in for cleaning area rugs.

6-Step Process:

  1. Rug Inspection – Here we take a look at your rug to see what work it needs, if there are any stains, and if there is any damage to the rug.
  2. Dry Soil Removal—we run your rugs through an automated rug dusting machine that removes all dry soil and urine salts before any cleaning is done.
  3.  Dye Testing—once the rug is dusted, we test for any dye issue that it may have. This is a 24-hour test done on all colors.
  4. Cleaning—there are many different approaches we may take with your area rug for cleaning. Once we determine what kind of cleaning solutions it will take to keep your rugs safe, we clean them in our state-of-the-art rug washing pit.
  5. Speed Drying—once the rug is cleaned, we run it through our centrifuge to remove all of the soap and 95% of the water for us. Following the spinning of the rug, we post groom the pile and hang them to dry with turbo fans to ensure the fastest dry time possible.
  6. Post Inspection & Protection—once the rug has dried, we pull it from the racks and do our final inspection. We check for stains that could have been missed during the initial cleaning and make sure that here is no pile distortion. Once we determine that the rug is acceptable, we protect them with our solvent based Fluoro-Solve protection and wrap them for delivery.

If you’re noticing your rugs aren’t looking like the color they were when you bought it or you have some stains, make sure to give us a call for cleaning area rugs!