More Americans have pets now than ever before.

According to the American Pet Products Association, in 2017 there were around 78.6 million owned dogs in the United States and 86.4 million owned cats. As of this year, approximately 70% of all U.S. households have a pet, with millennials owning the biggest share!

With more pets being treated as part of the family, that means more care is needed, including regular cleaning of carpets to remove pet hair.

If you’re one of the many who live with a pet, then you know that managing your carpet can be a challenge. Pets can leave behind hair and dirt that is difficult to remove, and can also cause stains on your carpets. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best ways to manage your carpet when you have pets. We will also provide tips for removing pet hair from carpet and keeping your carpets looking fresh!

How often should you vacuum?

The best way to remove pet hair from carpets and keep them looking fresh is by using a vacuum cleaner and brushing them with a carpet brush every few days. You know your pet best and how much they shed, so you might consider vacuuming more or less frequently depending on how much hair accumulates. For instance, if you have multiple large huskies, you’ll probably need to vacuum more often! Vacuuming picks up the loose hairs, while a carpet brush is able to lift hairs that have become intertwined in the fibers of the carpet.

What kind of vacuum should you use?

You might have found that vacuuming doesn’t always remove all traces of pet hair from your carpets, especially if your vacuum isn’t specialized to tackle excessive amounts of hair. This also rings true for car seats and carpets, which you know if you’ve ever tried to vacuum dog hair out of your car with no luck. The shape and texture of dog and cat hair makes it prone to getting stuck between material fibers, including your carpets, rugs, car seats, and clothes! 

Just as lint rollers don’t remove all hair on clothing, high-suction shop vacuums can’t effectively remove all pet hair.

This is why choosing a vacuum specially modified to pick up pet hair is important. Vacuums that target dog and cat hair have specialized features like unique bristles that physically brush fur from the carpet, and filters that aren’t as prone to clogging. Also, most pet vacuums are bagless so they don’t lose suction. 

Additionally, you can try purchasing a brush attachment for your current vacuum to help loosen the hair from the carpet.

Helpful Tricks

Try using a rubber cleaning glove that’s slightly dampened to remove stubborn hairs. The static of the rubber makes the hair stick to it as you rub your hand over the carpet’s surface. Or, try sweeping the carpet with a stiff rubber broom, which you can find in some pet stores. Physically lifting the hair from the carpet is the best way to remove embedded hairs when a vacuum doesn’t do the job.

Preventing Hair

You can’t stop your furry friend from shedding, but regularly brushing them outside can help keep their fur off your floors and furniture. 

Deep Cleaning

Pets don’t only leave hair in your home, but they can also track dirt and grime that can weaken your carpet with everyday use. Besides regular cleaning, we recommend getting your carpets deep cleaned once or twice a year to maintain their value.

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